CR-T Recruit

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CR-T Recruit
Mid-Range All Purpose
CR-T Recruit hero.jpg
Your first mech, custom-made from scrap parts with rookies in mind.
General Info
Class: Type-B Medium
Family: Assault
Secondary: TOW Rocket
Primary: Assault Rifle
Alternate Primary: Submachine Cannon
Prestige: Point-D Vulcan
Ability: Weapons Coolant
Armor: 525
Ground Speed: 17.5 m/s
Acceleration: 30.6 m/s²
Air Speed: 14.5 m/s
Max Thruster Height: 20 meters
Thruster Vertical Speed: 10.75 m/s
Fuel Tank Capacity: 102 L
Fuel Regen: 11.1 L/s
Dodge delay: 1.2 seconds
Radar Range: 112.5 meters
Overheat Recovery Time: 4 seconds
EU Capacity: 200

The CR-T Recruit is a Type-B Medium Mech in Hawken. It is given free of charge to all new Hawken players as their starting mech.


Known lovingly as Screen Head, Noob Tube, or Microwave, the CR-T Recruit Fred model was one of the first mechs deployed post Hawken Virus. Although it is made efficiently to minimize cost of valuable components, it is surprisingly versatile and powerful. Those who underestimate what a trained pilot can do with this mech may find themselves whispering the words "Fuzzy Bunny" just before death.

Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • There is no greater case of deceiving appearances than on this mech. What looks like a harmless old P.C Monitor is actually one of the most well rounded fighting mechs in Hawken. It has speed, damage, durability and maneuverability in spades. There's no shame in taking this make-do mech and claiming it as your own.
  • Make sure to fully utilize this mech's strong point, its versatility, to take down any competition. The ability to instantly remove the heat you've generated through firing your weapon will allow you to keep fighting where other mechs would need to beat a hasty retreat in fear of having their weapons shut down.
  • While the later weapon unlocks (Submachine Cannon & Point-D Vulcan) may tailor towards certain roles more, the starting assault rifle is probably the most versatile sustained weapon in the game. With its low-mid heat generation rate, high rate of fire and consistent damage at almost all ranges makes it viable and easy to use in any situation.
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